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Dr Ellen had the pleasure of attending the International Aesthetic Medicine Congress “Beauty through Science” in Stockholm recently and the ASAPS 2018 Non-Surgical Symposium in the Gold Coast where she learnt about the hottest topics related to the medical aesthetic field!

Some of the key take outs were:

  • Lots of studies being done at the moment on the reduction of old keloid scars and the improvement of new scar formation by injecting small amounts of Botulinum Toxin into the edges of fresh wounds. This allows healing to take place with minimal tension on the wound, resulting in an improved scar and quicker healing.
  • A brand new technique for lifting the ligaments of the face in early ageing by treating them with a specific dermal filler creating s refreshing look that has no downtime at all.
  • A new filler technique to treat under eye hollows or tear troughs causing less swelling and bruising.

Knee pain? Joint pain?

Clinic 42’s Dr. Joanna and Nurse Louise flew to America at the beginning of June to attend the annual Cell Surgical Network Conference on Stem Cell Treatments in order to find out the latest in news and updates. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest news over at www.stemcelllife.co.nz


Filler can have complications and in order to reduce our already low complication rate, at Clinic42 we will be emailing all our filler patients prior to treatment to warn them about things that they shouldn’t be doing beforehand.

 e.g. You shouldn’t have any dental work, including oral hygiene work, within 2 weeks of a filler treatment. You shouldn’t be flying long haul within 7-10 days of filler treatment. We will not be patients who have respiratory tract infection or a cold. This list will allow you to plan your treatments and keep you safe.

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