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We're BackAfter a hectic pre-Xmas rush and a relaxing break we’ve hit the ground running in 2020.

If your skin is parched from the summer sun here are some treatment options to restore a healthy glow:

And make sure you and your family are keeping up the sunblock and reapplying regularly.

We are excited to have Nurse Natalie back from maternity leave and to welcome our newest team member Nurse Anna. Both are available for botulinum toxin treatments and get in quick for Nat’s amazing speciality – lip dermal filler, she is booking up fast.


BARCODE LIPS is a procedure combining light dermal filler and hyper diluted botulinum toxin to help eliminate the lines above the top lip, so-called Barcode lines.

Local anaesthetic numbs the top lip completely making the entire procedure pain free!

Then with a tiny pin prick lateral to the top lip a fine cannula is used to treat the area with a combination of filler and botulinum toxin.

Results take approximately 2-3 weeks to be at their maximum and some initial swelling and minor bruising can be expected.

Cost to patient is $850-$1000

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