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About Us

Clinic 42 – The home of Cosmetic Medicine

You’ll find we offer a range of treatments and holistic advice to repair and support healthy skin function, including Botulinum Toxin (Botox), Dermal Fillers, Thread Lifts, PRP, mole removal, skin cancers, IPL for pigment, veins and hair removal, micro-needling and micro-dermabrasion. We are also one of the few clinics in New Zealand to offer Stem Cell Therapy.

Within the New Zealand cosmetic medicine industry, we believe Clinic 42 is one of the most successful at making patients look and feel their best, whilst remaining natural in their appearance. 


Owned and operated by Doctors

Clinic 42 is owned and operated by doctors, who are joined on staff by registered nurses. This means we have experience and medical knowledge that not all other cosmetic medicine providers can match.

Why we value ongoing education

Further education is an organisational cornerstone at Clinic 42. We view continuing staff development as essential to remaining effective and successful in cosmetic medicine. We have supervised internal training for staff every month, so we can offer our patients the latest approaches and advances in our field, as they are developing internationally.

All our doctors, nurses and staff members are driven by education. This goes beyond just educating ourselves. We like to educate our suppliers and – most importantly – our patients, empowering them to take care of their own well-being, especially their skin. Because when you know what is best for you, you have the skills to look after yourself for a lifetime.

We keep up with the latest advances

Our doctors regularly attend international conferences to keep up with the latest advances. This is vital in a field where medicine and technology moves forward so rapidly. If we want to remain a leader in cosmetic medicine and continue to offer our patients the very latest treatments and keep giving them the results they want, ongoing education is essential.

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