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Skin Checks

Our Doctors have received specialty training in skin examination. Following dermatoscopic review of your skin, they can offer advice regarding diagnosis and management, and address any concerns you may have.
We can all be troubled by spots, lumps and bumps on our skin. It is important that these are closely monitored and treated promptly to help prevent skin cancer. Unfortunately, New Zealand has the highest rate of melanoma and other forms of skin cancer in the world, and this is a statistic our doctors would like to change.

Annual skin examination is recommended for most New Zealand adults. Having this completed by a doctor with specialty expertise, gives piece of mind potential malignant lesions will be identified in the earlier stages, and amenable to less invasive management. This is a service we are excited to be offering at Clinic 42.


What does a Skin Check involve?

You will be seen in one of the well-appointed, private consult rooms at Clinic 42. The doctor will initially discuss your skin concerns, establish your degree of sun exposure over your lifetime, and assess your risk factors for skin cancer. The doctor will leave the room whilst you disrobe to your undergarments, and your skin will then be examined in its entirety. Once this has been completed, any concerns and management options will be discussed with you. Recommendations to reduce your future risk of skin cancer will be reviewed, as well as any questions you may have. The complete Skin Check takes 20-40 minutes, depending on the condition of your skin.

What if something of concern is found?

This will be discussed with you during your Skin Check appointment and a management plan can be made together. Almost all concerning moles/lesions can be addressed by our doctors at Clinic 42. We have a number of modalities available, so the most suitable and safest option can be used, and potential alternatives reviewed. Please see our Mole Removal page for more information. 

How much does the Skin Check cost?

A Skin Check costs $150. If treatment of a mole/lesion on your skin is required, the options and associated cost will be discussed with you. You will be encouraged to consider these options, and arrange definitive treatment with the doctor on a subsequent day. 

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