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Ethics & Integrity

The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine

Our Clinic 42 Doctors are on the Executive Committee of The New Zealand Society of Cosmetic Medicine, which means we are constantly under the watchful eye of the Society. This is just one reason why we hold ourselves to such a very high standard. Plus, at Clinic 42 there is always a doctor on site at the clinic to manage any possible clinical problem.


Patient-focused, not sales-driven

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll find we are patient-focused, not sales-driven. For Clinic 42 it is, and always will be, about what is best practice and what is best for our patients, not what is best for the bottom-line. In a world of quick-fixes and unachievable, photoshopped beauty standards, there is no better way to be than fair and balanced, with sound and ethical judgement.


The importance of product efficacy

The doctors at Clinic 42 are interested in the efficacy of the products we use. Throughout the year we attend conferences and trainings where new products are constantly presented. We are constantly analysing these products and the benefits they can bring to our patients.

We care about the results for the patient. We stock a variety of products from different companies which lets us choose the product that is best for the patient. With Clinic 42, there is science – not sales – behind why we have chosen what we will give you, which means you can trust  the treatment and care you receive at Clinic  42.



A true diagnostic approach…

At Clinic 42, we know every patient is different. We don’t take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to what we offer the individual. As doctors, we know human anatomy, we know medicine, and we know what we need to do to achieve the correct proportions for the patient.

… For your best solution

If a patient comes in requesting Botox, we step back and take a holistic approach. The patient’s request might not be the best solution to the issue at hand, and we may suggest a more appropriate alternative. In the long run, this delivers better results and is more cost-effective for the client.

At Clinic 42, you can always be sure you get a professional, considered approach so you achieve the optimal result for you.


An in-depth consultation that isn’t rushed

At Clinic 42, we take the time during your consultation to ensure we understand your concerns. We like to take time to get to know our patients on a personal level, as we know this results in better outcomes.

A long-term journey

For the doctors and staff at Clinic 42, it’s not about the ‘before and after’ results, it’s about the long-term journey. It’s about making the person look better, not necessarily younger. Because at Clinic 42, we want to keep you happy, healthy and looking well.

It’s about feeling good about yourself

We also know that what we give patients goes deeper than just appearance. It’s about feeling good.  If patients are happy and feel listened to, they come back with success stories. And many choose to keep coming back over many years.

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